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FAQ costume jewellery, bijouterie[ru] Вопросы и ответы

[en] Frequently asked questions:

Can I wear the jewellery if I have sensitive skin?

All of our products are “Nickel Safe” and all the earring posts are made from titanium. The above safeguards should minimise any chance of your becoming allergic to our jewellery.

What is costume jewellery?

The term ‘costume jewellery’ means that the item is plated with and not made from a precious metal (i.e. silver, gold or platinum). Our costume jewellery is plated with 18ct gold or Rhodium, or a mix of both.

How do I clean and store the jewellery?

We advise following these simple steps to help you care for your jewellery purchases. Avoid allowing the jewellery to come into contact with every day chemicals such as soap, washing up liquid, perfume, deodorant, etc, as these chemicals will damage the plating on the jewellery, and may cause rapid deterioration in the finish of the piece. Salt water also has the same effect – so avoid wearing your jewellery whilst bathing and swimming! Jewellery is best stored in its original gift box; this will help to prevent it becoming scratched, or the chains on your pendants becoming tangled. Costume jewellery should not need cleaning with anything more abrasive than a soft polishing cloth.

Do you sell internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

What are Cubic Zirconia (CZ) Stones?

Because of the expensive nature of diamonds, cubic zirconia became a popular substitute in the costume jewellery world. Cubic zirconia are simulated diamonds that are less expensive, but still able to capture the natural beauty in diamond.  

What are Rhinestones?

Rhinestones are diamond simulant made from rock crystal, glass or acrylic. Back in 1892, Daniel Swarovski invented a machine to cut jewelry stones perfectly. 

In 1895, he moved his company, from Bohemia to the Wattens, Austria where he used the Rhine River as a source of energy to run the company’s machinery, hence the name rhinestone.

Then in 1770s, George Frederic Stras, a French jeweler invented the technique of metal-coating the backs of clear crystals, which forces reflection from the backing out through the stone. Rhinestones capture the glistening effect that real diamonds have and since became a popular choice to be used as imitation of diamonds.

I have never purchased costume jewellery from Bus-i-nka, How can I trust your company?

We always advise new customers to start with small orders so that they can judge the quality of our bijouterie while getting to know us better. Our business strategy is to gradually build solid long term business relations with repeat customers with whom we have established a good and trusting relationship.


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